Call for Expression of Interest for ICH Training Associates

ICH is conducting a Call for Expression of Interest for ICH Training Associates with a view to exploring the possibility of contracting appropriate accredited non-profit training organisations/institutions, initially for 1-year with an option to renew, to assist ICH in its efforts to address in a strategic manner the training needs of its Regulatory and Industry Members and Observers.

ICH would like to solicit expressions of interest from eligible non-profit accredited training organisations who would have the capability to fully or partially address the statement of work described within the Terms of Reference which includes:

  • Development of Online Training Materials
  • Development of a Case Studies Library
  • Delivery of In-Person Training Courses
  • Provision of Consultation Services to ICH

Click here for the Terms of Reference

Eligible non-profit accredited training organisations interested in responding to this call should fill and return the completed Response Form to the ICH Secretariat ( no later than 3 May 2019 which marks the close of this call.

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Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible to respond, organisations must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a legal entity which is a non-profit accredited training organisation/institution;
  • Have a proven record of having completed multiple successful trainings in regulatory sciences;
  • Have recognized expertise and experience in development of remote training curriculum and course content at the targeted level (e.g., university undergraduate introductory and advanced levels per technical content in Guideline);
  • Have the ability to direct training efforts to regulators at various levels of maturity;
  • Have expert knowledge of ICH and ICH Guidelines or documented institutional expertise relevant to ICH Efficacy, Quality, Safety or Multidisciplinary topic areas.


Questions & Answers

Any questions regarding this call should be sent to no later than 26 April 2019. Please note that responses to questions will be posted on the ICH public website under the ICH Training Associates Call page - Q&A section which will be regularly updated. No individual responses will be sent. Please note that after the aforementioned deadline no further questions will be accepted.

Click here for Questions & Answers as of 30 April 2019.