The ICH Assembly is responsible for approving annual work plans and reports on the activities of the ICH Association, including work relating to MedDRA.

The Management Committee is responsible for submitting to the Assembly proposals for the Association’s annual work plan and multiannual strategic plan and for providing the Assembly with an annual report on these activities.

The MedDRA Management Committee is similarly responsible for providing the Assembly proposals for its annual work plan and an annual report on activities regarding MedDRA.

ICH expert working groups also maintain work plans which are updated on a biannual basis for provision to the ICH Assembly.*

Work Plans

Download the 2019 ICH Work Plan

Download the latest version of the ICH Multi-annual Strategic Plan

Download the 2019 MedDRA Work Plan

Annual Reports

Download the 2017 Annual Report

Download the 2016 Annual Report

Download the 2015 Annual Report

* Work Plans for each current ICH expert working group can be downloaded in the Q, S, E, M topic sections of the ICH website.