Fundamental to the smooth running of ICH has been the designation of an ICH Coordinator per ICH Member to act as the main contact point with the ICH Secretariat. Coordinators ensure proper distribution of ICH documents to the appropriate persons from their organisation and are responsible for the follow up on actions within their respective organisation within assigned deadlines. They also assist communication between the ICH Management Committee and/or Assembly and the ICH Working Groups as needed.


ANVISA, Brazil

Mrs. Ana Carolina Moreira Marino Araujo

Ana Carolina Moreira Marino Araujo 
Mrs. Moreira Marino Araujo is currently Advisor for the Directorate of Authorization and Registration/ANVISA... read more 
Tel:+55 61 3462 6424


Dr. Ingrid Markovic

Ingrid Markovic
Dr. Markovic is currently a Senior Director, Head of U.S... read

EC, Europe

Dr. Georgios Balkamos

Georgios Bakmamos 
Dr. Balkamos is working in the pharmaceutical Unit in the European Commission... read more 
Tel:+32 (0) 2 297 72 93

Dr. Milton Bonelli (Technical Coordinator)

Milton Bonelli 
Dr. Bonelli is the current head of the Clinical Pharmacology... read more 
Tel:+44 (0)20 3660 7344


Ms. Giovanna Rizzetto

Giovanna Rizzetto 
Ms. Rizzetto is Senior Manager for the Regulatory, Drug Development and Manufacturing team... read more 
Tel:+32 2 626 25 65


Ms. Amanda Roache

Amanda Roache 
Ms. Roache is ICH Coordinator for FDA, US... read more 
Tel:+1 (301) 796 4548

Dr. C. Michelle Limoli (Technical Coordinator)

C. Michelle Limoli
Dr. Limoli is Senior International Health Science Advisor in US FDA’s CBER... read more
Tel:+1 (301) 796 8377

Health Canada, Canada

Mr. Nick Orphanos

Nick Orphanos 
Mr. Orphanos is a senior policy analyst with Health Canada, Canada... read more 
Tel:+1 (613) 698 9178

HSA, Singapore

Ms. Siew Wei Chua

Chua Siew Wei 
Ms. Chua is Deputy Director of Industry and International Engagements for the HPRG... read more 
Tel:(65) 6866 3402


Dr. Shinichiro Hirose

Shinichiro Hirose 
Dr. Hirose is currently the director of international affairs at the JGA. read more 
Tel:+81 3 3279 1890


Mr. Mitsuo Mihara

Mitsuo Mihara 
Mr. Mihara is Director for Global Scientific and Regulatory Affairs at JPMA... read more 
Tel:+81 (3) 3241 0340

MFDS, Republic of Korea

Ms. Pan Soon Kim

Pan Soon Kim 
Ms. Pan Soon Kim is Deputy Director of Pharmaceutical Policy Division of MFDS... read more 
Tel:+82 43 719 2630


Mr. Ryo Iwase

Ryo Iwase
Mr. Iwase is Deputy Director at Office of Office of International Regulatory Affairs... read more 

Dr. Yasuhiro Kishioka (Technical Coordinator)

Yasuhiro Kishioka
Dr. Kishioka is working in the Office of International Programs (OIP) at PMDA... read more 

NMPA, China

Dr. Yang Wang

Yang Wang 
Dr. Wang is working as a senior reviewer in the Centre of Drug Evaluation at NMPA, China... read more 
Tel:+86 10 85242776


Ms. Camille Jackson

Camille Jackson
Ms. Jackson is currently Associate Vice President of Science and Regulatory Advocacy at PhRMA... read more
Tel:+1 (202) 835 3472

Swissmedic, Switzerland

Ms. Anna Sieg

Anna Sieg
Ms. Sieg joined Swissmedic, the Swiss Agency for Therapeutic Products... read more
Tel:+41 58 46 23414

TFDA, Chinese Taipei

Ms. Yi-Jing Kuo

Yi-Jing Kuo
Ms. Kuo works at the TFDA, Chinese Taipei where she is involved with ICH... read more
Tel:+886 2 2787 7421


Ms. Caroline Mendy

Caroline Mendy 
Ms. Mendy is WSMI Director of Scientific and Regulatory Affairs... read more 
Tel:+41 22 323 53 84