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    • Guideline Withdrawal:
      June 2006

      Description :

      The ICH Steering Committee endorsed the withdrawal of the Q1F Guideline at its meeting in Yokohama, June 2006 and decided to leave definition of storage conditions in Climatic Zones III and IV to the respective regions and WHO.

      Implementation :

      Guideline withdrawn on 8 June 2006

      EC :

      Withdrawal notification and Explanatory Note, issued as CPMP/ICH/421/02, June 2006

      MHLW/PMDA :

      Withdrawal 3 July 2006, PFSB/ELD Notification No. 0703001

      FDA :

      Withdrawn from CDER's guidance page on 6 June 2006 and has been listed in the FDA annual guidance agenda published in the Federal Register.

      Swissmedic :

      Swissmedic is referring input to the EU