Since 2005, the ICH Steering Committee has agreed that following each of its meetings, a report should be published on the ICH website summarising the main decisions taken at each meeting. By making this information publically available, the Steering Committee hopes to make the ICH process even more transparent, so that all stakeholders can be informed on important decisions and real-time progress of ICH Guideline development.

Captured in each report is a summary of the main progress made at the meeting by each technical working group, including expected timeframes for reaching Step 2b / Step 4 of the ICH process. Also included is a report on the main decisions taken by the ICH MedDRA Management Board at its meeting, on behalf of the Steering Committee. The report also provides an overview of the ICH Global Cooperation (GC) session.

Next ICH Meeting

11 - 16 June 2016, Europe 5-10 November 2016, Osaka, Japan