ICH Week - An Overview

The ICH Steering Committee meets on a biannual basis during a week which also includes a session on Global Cooperation and a meeting of the ICH MedDRA Management Board. Also occurring on the of the ICH week is the International Pharmaceutical Regulators Forum, which has participation from both regulatory members from ICH regions and beyond. These meetings run in parallel of meetings of ICH technical working groups.

ICH week normally adheres to the same schedule of meetings, commencing on Saturday with the ICH MedDRA Management Board meeting and finishing on Thursday with the Steering Committee meeting.

Each of the biannual meetings sees the participation of approximately 10 to 15 expert working groups, and 200 to 300 experts. The location of each meeting rotates between the 3 ICH regions of Europe, Japan and the USA.

ICH Week: 5 - 10 December 2015, Jacksonville, FL, USA
Assembly Agenda papers for Jacksonville meeting
List of Expert Groups Meeting

Next ICH week:

11-16 June 2016, Europe 5-10 November 2016, Osaka, Japan