Reports from each of the biannual meetings of the ICH Global Cooperation Group (GCG) are made available to inform the public on the proceedings of each meeting. Items on the agenda of the one-day GCG meetings normally include a discussion of new requests for training, the provision of feedback on training which has already occurred, and the discussion of ways in which information on ICH Guidelines can be further disseminated (e.g., organisation of web conferences etc…).

GCG meetings also serve as an opportunity to address interest expressed by RHIs and DRAs/DoH in specific ICH topics, with technical experts already present for the ICH week of meetings being invited to give presentations during the GCG meeting.

At each GCG meeting RHI and DRA/DoH representatives may also provide a presentation on their respective initiative/authority and current activities being undertaken that could be of interest to GCG members. These presentations are also made publically available along with the GCG report.