16 December 2010

ICH Celebrates 20 Years with a Refreshed and Revitalised New Visual Identity

December 16, 2010

As part of its 20th Anniversary celebration, ICH is pleased to announce the launch of a new logo and a new look for the ICH website.


ICH’s new logo has been designed with a view to representing the letters “I”, “C”, “H” in a manner which speaks to the benefits of harmonisation for better global health. This has been achieved through the embodiment of the letters in an abstract human form. The principle colour of the logo is blue, a colour often synonymous with healthcare, and which adds an air of vitality and wellbeing to the depicted abstract figure. Purple was chosen as being complementary to blue.


The new ICH logo also includes the slogan “Harmonisation for Better Health”, which further emphasises the benefits of harmonisation for better global health and is also reflective of ICH’s Terms of Reference.


Taking inspiration from the logo, the ICH website has been redesigned to have a consistent look and feel. All information has been restructured with emphasis given to ongoing harmonisation activities, as well as how to contribute to Guideline development. In addition, to allow you to easily stay up-to-date, a RSS feed and other social media tools have been integrated. The new website is also reflective of the evolution which ICH has undergone over the past 20 years. Originally involving Europe, Japan and the USA, today, through the activities of the ICH Global Cooperation Group, countries and regions from across the globe are actively involved in ICH. In line with this increasing interest in the utilisation of ICH Guidelines, the new website gives important focus to ICH training and capacity building activities.

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