Following each of their biannual meetings, both the ICH Assembly and the ICH MedDRA Management Board issue press releases to inform stakeholders on decisions taken during their meetings. On occasion, press releases are also issued between meetings.

In addition to being published on the ICH website, press releases are also distributed through ICH’s press network. If your journal or newspaper would like to receive ICH press releases please contact the ICH Secretariat.

3 June 2013

MedDRA Management Board, La Hulpe, Belgium, June 2013

The Board welcomed to a special session representatives of Regional Harmonisation Initiatives and of Drug Regulatory Authorities/Departement of Health interested in MedDRA.

22 November 2012

ICH Steering Committee, San Diego, CA, USA, 14-15 November 2012

The ICH SC discussed further reform aimed at increasing the engagement of regulators globally and reiterated its commitment to the importance of harmonisation. Further progress was made on the individual topics, notably the...

11 November 2012

MedDRA Management Board, San Diego, CA, USA, 10-11 November 2012

The Board is pleased to announce that, for the eighth year in a row, there will be no increase in MedDRA subscription rates for 2013.

3 July 2012

ICH Steering Committee, Fukuoka, Japan, 6-7 June 2012

The six official ICH parties have agreed on new principles of governance which better define the roles of regulator and industry parties within ICH. This action will highlight ICH’s longstanding premise that the regulators have...