Following each of their biannual meetings, both the ICH Assembly and the ICH MedDRA Management Board issue press releases to inform stakeholders on decisions taken during their meetings. On occasion, press releases are also issued between meetings.

In addition to being published on the ICH website, press releases are also distributed through ICH’s press network. If your journal or newspaper would like to receive ICH press releases please contact the ICH Secretariat.

10 February 2014

Invitation to Submit an Expression of Interest for the MSSO Tender

ICH is considering a Call for Tender in 2014 for the contract for the MedDRA Maintenance and Support Services Organization (MSSO).

2 December 2013

ICH Steering Committee, Osaka, Japan, November 2013

The ICH SC furthered discussions on governance and increased engagement of regulators globally that had taken place in La Hulpe (Brussels) in June 2013. The SC agreed on organisational reform measures to foster international...

2 December 2013

MedDRA Management Board, Osaka, Japan, November 2013

ICH has decided that a new Call for Tender should be undertaken. This decision represents the interest of the ICH to conform with good business practices and does not reflect on the performance of the current contractor...

8 June 2013

ICH Steering Committee, La Hulpe, Belgium, June 2013

Furthering the discussions on structural changes and increased engagement of regulators globally that took place in San Diego in November 2012, the ICH SC agreed measures aimed at increased transparency...