Following each of their biannual meetings, both the ICH Assembly and the ICH MedDRA Management Board issue press releases to inform stakeholders on decisions taken during their meetings. On occasion, press releases are also issued between meetings.

In addition to being published on the ICH website, press releases are also distributed through ICH’s press network. If your journal or newspaper would like to receive ICH press releases please contact the ICH Secretariat.

23 November 2018

MedDRA Management Committee, Charlotte, NC, USA, November 2018

MedDRA Celebrates its 20th Anniversary in 2019:The MedDRA Management Committee noted that 1 March 2019 will mark the 20 year anniversary of the first release of MedDRA. Since its inception in 1999, MedDRA has experienced...

23 November 2018

ICH Assembly, Charlotte, NC, USA, November 2018

The International Council for Harmonisation (ICH) met in Charlotte, NC, USA on 10-15 November 2018. Three years on from the reform of ICH, all organisational changes have been implemented, with the Charlotte meeting being...

22 June 2018

ICH Assembly, Kobe, Japan, June 2018

The International Council for Harmonisation (ICH) met in Kobe, Japan on 2 – 7 June 2018. In one of the remaining steps of implementing the 2015 reforms of ICH, the Assembly elected additional members to the Association’s...

22 June 2018

MedDRA Management Committee, Kobe, Japan, June 2018

The MedDRA Management Committee noted significant achievements in supporting the global expansion of MedDRA use, in accordance with the five-year strategic plan. In recent months, the MSSO, with the support of ICH, has provided...