8 August 2018

At its meeting in Kobe, Japan in June 2018, the ICH Assembly approved the 2017 Annual Report of the ICH Association. The report presents the key accomplishments of 2017, which include:

• the continued expansion of ICH Membership and Observership with 2 new Regulatory Members and 3 new Observers;
• the continued development of harmonised technical guidelines with 9 ICH Guidelines/Q&A Documents/User Guide reaching Step 4 of the ICH process and 2 ICH Guidelines reaching Step 2 of the ICH process;
• the provision of support for the implementation of the ICH Guidelines by ICH Members through the establishment of an Implementation Subcommittee; and
• the launch of a training pilot with particular focus on “Tier 1” and “Tier 2” guidelines.

The 2017 Annual Report of the ICH Association is available for download under Work Plans & Reports.