31 January 2018

In November 2017, the ICH Assembly and Management Committee met in Geneva, Switzerland, for their biannual meeting.

Main decisions taken at the ICH Assembly meeting are reflected in a report including the key progress made at this meeting by each technical working group, including expected timeframes for reaching Step 2b / Step 4 of the ICH process. This report also contains the ICH MedDRA Management Committee report to the Assembly on main decisions taken at its meeting in Geneva, Switzerland in November 2017.

Main decisions taken at the ICH Management Committee meeting are reflected in a report, and are in relation to its responsibilities for oversight of ICH operational aspects, including administrative and financial matters and oversight of ICH Working Groups.

To ensure transparency in the ICH process, reports from both meetings are made publicly available so that all stakeholders can be informed on important decisions and real-time progress of ICH Guideline development.

More details under the Assembly and Management Committee page.