22 June 2018

The International Council for Harmonisation (ICH) met in Kobe, Japan on 2 – 7 June 2018. In one of the remaining steps of implementing the 2015 reforms of ICH, the Assembly elected additional members to the Association’s Management Committee. The Founding and Standing Members are now joined on the Management Committee by five newer ICH Members.CFDA, China, HSA, Singapore and MFDS, South Korea join the current regulatory members and BIO and IGBA join the current industry members. 

Among other decisions, the ICH Assembly approved TFDA, Chinese Taipei as a new Regulatory Member. The Assembly also approved MMDA, Moldova, NPRA, Malaysia, SCDMTE, Armenia and TİTCK, Turkey as new Observers. With these new parties, there are now 16 ICH Members and 27 Observers, and full details are available on the ICH website www.ich.org.


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