23 July 2013

Celebrating a Refreshed and Revitalised New Visual Identity for MedDRA


ICH is pleased to announce the launch of a new MedDRA website which introduces a refreshed and revitalised new visual identity for MedDRA, central to which is a new MedDRA logo.

The new look and feel celebrates MedDRA as an ICH product and embodies aspects of ICH’s own visual identity. The new logo reflects the global harmonisation which MedDRA supports, and similar to the ICH logo includes the colour blue, a colour often synonymous with healthcare. The sleek green modern lines of the new logo serve to illustrate MedDRA’s structure with its five hierarchical levels. The website also parallels that of the ICH website layout and navigation.

Designed to maximise user-friendliness, the website is geared towards supporting the needs of new and existing MedDRA users alike. The new site includes all MedDRA files and documentation, new automated features for subscriptions and event registration (e.g., training, User Groups etc…), and an enhanced organisation of the information on the site.

Visit the new MedDRA website