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28 June 2011

ICH Q11 reaches Step 2 of the ICH Process

The ICH Q11 Guideline on Development and Manufacture of Drug Substances (Chemical Entities and Biotechnological/Biological Entities) reached Step 2 of the ICH Process in May 2011 and now enters the consultation period (Step...

18 June 2011

Press release from the ICH Steering Committee meeting in Cincinnati, 15-16 June

“ICH Global Expansion – Enhanced Scientific Exchanges”. For the first time, non-ICH regulators have been nominated to serve as experts in some quality, safety and efficacy expert working groups (EWGs). ICH welcomed the active...

12 June 2011

Press release from the MedDRA Management Board meeting in Cincinnati, 11-12 June

MedDRA Management Board Congratulates CIOMS Working Group on SMQs for its Important Contribution to Public Health Protection

7 June 2011

Follow in details the discussions from the ICH GCG in November 2010

The final meeting report of the last Global Cooperation Group (GCG) meeting that was held in Fukuoka, Japan on November 9, 2010 is now available...