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18 December 2014

ICH Q3D Guideline reaches Step 4 of the ICH Process

The ICH Q3D Guideline on Elemental Impurities reached Step 4 of the ICH Process in December 2013 and now enters the implementation period (Step 5).This new guidance has been developed to provide a global policy for limiting...

2 December 2014

Press release ICH Steering Committee meeting in Lisbon, November 2014

The SC agreed on the key issues relating to the reform of ICH in terms of governance, new membership and funding. ICH remains committed to enhanced communication, transparency and the openness of ICH to all relevant stakeholders....

4 November 2014

Agenda Papers for the upcoming ICH SC meeting available for download

The Steering Committee will meet in Lisbon, Portugal from 8 to 13 November to discuss ongoing harmonisation activities.The SC is pleased to welcome to this meeting representatives from several RHIs, including ASEAN, APEC, EAC,...

17 September 2014

Follow in details the main decisions taken by the ICH SC in June 2014

A comprehensive report of the last ICH meeting that was held in Minneapolis, MN, USA on 4-5 June 2014 is now available on the ICH website under the SC Reports page. This report outlines the main decisions taken by the ICH