ICH is a truly global platform for harmonisation for better health, bringing together regulators, industry and other actors from all regions. It has a 25-year history as a successful and proven forum for delivery of harmonised guidelines through dialogue between regulators and industry. Here are some of the values and advantages of ICH Membership:

Demonstrates a commitment to high standards for public health

Becoming a Member of the ICH Association sends a clear message that the regulatory authority and the regulated industry are committed to align with the highest global standards for the quality, efficacy and safety of medicinal products. Membership in ICH brings with it integrity and recognition as ICH guidelines are widely recognised and are increasingly applied worldwide. With ICH Membership also comes the right to use the ICH Member Logo to denote Membership in a Member’s own publications, presentations or on their website.

Allows participation in international harmonisation

Being an ICH Member gives the opportunity to be fully involved in the public health work on achieving greater harmonisation in the interpretation and application of technical guidelines and requirements for pharmaceutical product development and registration.

Gives a say on the technical and policy environment of the future

All ICH Members participate in the consensus-building and decision-making in the ICH Assembly. They can also propose new topics, participate in the selection of topics for harmonisation, and nominate technical experts to contribute to current harmonisation activities (in accordance with the Rules of Procedures). Where consensus cannot be reached, the Regulatory Members have the right to vote on items such as the endorsement of draft ICH guidelines and adoption of final ICH guidelines.

Provides input to ICH governance

All Members have a say on ICH operational decisions such as approval of new Members, Observers, annual budget and membership fees. And from 2018, all Members will have the possibility to be elected to the ICH Management Committee.

Provides an international forum for communication and the building of relationships

Membership in ICH allows for building and strengthening working relations between Members. For Regulatory Members in particular, harmonisation at multilateral level provides a strong common foundation to develop bilateral regulatory cooperation such as on the exchange of information, training and reliance practices.

Helps to stay informed

In addition to the information available on the ICH public website, Members are regularly updated on a broad range of information on ICH and on other related activities.