The MedDRA Management Committee (MC) has responsibility for direction of MedDRA, an ICH standardised dictionary of medical terminology. The MedDRA MC is composed of the EC, Europe / EFPIA / MHLW/PMDA, Japan / JPMA / FDA, US / PhRMA, MHRA UK, Health Canada, Canada and WHO (as Observer). 




EC, Europe

Dr. Georgios Balkamos

Georgios Balkamos 
Dr. Balkamos is working in the pharmaceutical Unit in the European Commission read more 

Dr. Sabine Brosch

Sabine Brosch 
Dr. Brosch is Principal Scientific Administrator at the Pharmacovigilance and Epidemiology Department read more 


Dr. Christina Winter

Christina Winter 
Dr. Winter, MD., FFPM., is currently a Medical Director read more 

Mrs. Claudia Lehmann

Claudia Lehmann 
Mrs. Lehmann serves as Vice President of Global Pharmacovigilance Operations & Systems. read more 


Ms. MaryAnn Slack

Mary Ann Slack 
Ms. Slack joined FDA, US in 2003 and currently serves as Acting Director for FDA/ CDER's Office of Strategic Programs. read more

Dr. Barbee I. Whitaker

Barbee I. Whitaker 
Dr. Whitaker serves as Lead General Health Scientist in the Office of Biostatistics and Epidemiology... read more

Health Canada, Canada

Dr. Gayatri Jayaraman

Gayatri Jayaraman
Dr. Jayaraman joined Health Canada, Canada as Director. read more 

Ms. Heather Morrison

Adverse Reaction Information and Issues Management Coordinator


Ms. Yoko Hattori

Yoko Hattori 
Ms. Hattori joined the MedDRA Management Committee. read more

Mr. Yo Tanaka

Senior Specialist


Ms. Yuka Tamura

Yuka Tamura 
Ms. Tamura is a reviewer of Office of Safety in PMDA. read more

Mr. Hideo Eno



Mr. Philip Tregunno

Philip Tregunno 
Mr. Tregunno is the Interim Group Manager. read more

Mr. Mick Foy

Group Manager


Dr. Peter K. Honig

Peter K. Honig 
Dr. Honig is Senior Vice President of Worldwide Regulatory Affairs at Pfizer. read more 

Ms. Camille Jackson

Senior Director


Mr. Mike Ward

Mike Ward 
Mr. Ward is the Coordinator of the Regulatory System Strengthening Team... read more 

Mr. Takahiro Goto

Takahiro Goto 
Mr. Goto joined the WHO Safety and Vigilance team in January 2018... read more