The ICH Management Committee (MC) is the body that oversees operational aspects of ICH on behalf of all Members, including administrative and financial matters and oversight of the Working Groups (WGs). The MC is responsible for submitting recommendations or proposals to the Assembly in preparation of Assembly discussions.

To date, the ICH MC has representatives from the six Founding Members (EC, Europe / EFPIA / FDA, US / JPMA / MHLW/PMDA, Japan / PhRMA), Standing Regulatory Members (Health Canada, Canada / Swissmedic, Switzerland) as well as Standing Observers (IFPMA, WHO).

The minutes of ICH MC face-to-face meetings, and summary reports of teleconferences held between meetings, are published on the ICH website summarising the main decisions taken by the ICH MC (see related links).





Ms. Lila Feisee

Lila Feisee 
Ms. Feisee is Vice President for International Affairs at BIO and has been with BIO since June of more 

Dr. Wassim Nashabeh

Wassim Nashabeh 
Dr. Nashabeh is Vice President & Global Head of Technical Regulatory Policy & International Operations for Roche Pharmaceutical Group... read more

CFDA, China

Mr. Xiaoling Qin

Xiaoling Qin
Mr. Qin obtained a MSc, International Health Management Economics and Policy,from Bocconi University... read more

Mr. Siyuan Zhou

Mr. Zhou pursued his B.S. and MSc in Medicine in School of Public Health of Tongji Medical University... read more

EC, Europe

Ms. Lenita Lindström-Gommers

Lenita Lindström-Gommers  
Ms. Lindström-Gommers is Chair of the ICH Assembly... read more 

Prof. Spiros Vamvakas

Spiros Vamvakas  
Prof. Vamvakas has been working at the European Medicines Agency since 1999... read more 


Dr. Sabine Luik

Sabine Luiki  
Dr. Luik serves as Senior Vice President of Medicine and Regulatory Affairs for Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals... read more 

Mr. Pär Tellner

Pär Tellner  
Mr. Tellner is Director, Team Leader and ICH Coordinator at EFPIA since 2012... read more 


Dr. Theresa Mullin (MC Chair)

Theresa Mullin  
Dr. Mullin serves as Director of the Office of Strategic Programs (OSP) at the FDA, US... read more 

Ms. Joan Wilmarth Blair

Joan Wilmarth Blair   
Ms. Blair is the Senior Advisor for International Affairs to the Director/Deputy Director... read more 

Ms. Pujita Vaidya

Pujita Vaidya
Ms. Vaidya serves as the Acting Director for the Decision Support... read more

Health Canada, Canada

Ms. Catherine Parker

Catherine Parker  
Ms. Parker was appointed Director General of the Biologics and Genetic Therapies Directorate ... read more 

Dr. Celia Lourenco

Celia Lourenco  
Dr. Lourenco is a pharmacologist by training and has been with Health Canada, Canada since 2001... read more 

HSA, Singapore

Dr. Dorothy Toh

Dorothy Toh 
Dr. Toh is currently the Assistant Group Director of the Post-market Cluster at the Health Products Regulation Group, HSA, Singapore... read more

Ms. Siew Wei Chua

Chua Siew Wei 
Ms. Chua is Deputy Director of Industry and International Engagements for the Health Products Regulation Group... read more 


Dr. Nick Cappuccino

Nick Cappuccino 
Dr. Cappuccino currently serves as the Chair of the Science Committee of IGBA... read more 

Ms. Beata Stepniewska

Beata Stepniewska 
Ms. Stepniewska is Deputy Director General, Head of Regulatory Affairs of the Medicines for Europe in Brussels... read more


Dr. Hironobu Hiyoshi

Hironobu Hiyoshi  
Dr. Hiyoshi is Chairperson of the ICH Project Committee in the JPMA... read more 

Dr. Masafumi Yokota

Masafumi Yokota  
Dr. Yokota is currently Vice Chairperson of ICH Project Committee in JPMA ... read more 

MFDS, Republic of Korea

Dr. Won Sik Lee

Won Sik Lee 
Dr. Won Sik Lee is Director General of the Pharmaceutical Safety Bureau in the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety read more 

Dr. Nakyung Kim

Nakyung Kim 
Dr. Nakyung Kim is serving as Director General of the Drug Evaluation Department... read more 


Dr. Nobumasa Nakashima (MC Vice Chair)

Nobumasa Nakashima  
Dr. Nakashima has taken his position as International Planning Director since September 2014... read more 

Mr. Naoyuki Yasuda

Naoyuki Yasuda  
Mr. Yasuda is currently Office Director, Office of International Programs in PMDA, Japan... read more 

Dr. Junko Sato

Director of Office of International Programs


Dr. Peter K. Honig

Peter K. Honig  
Dr. Honig is Senior Vice President of Worldwide Regulatory Affairs at Pfizer... read more 

Mr. Jerry Stewart

Jerry Stewart  
Mr. Stewart is Deputy Vice President at PhRMA, located in Washington, DC, USA... read more 

Swissmedic, Switzerland

Dr. Petra Doerr

Petra Doerr  
Dr. Doerr is Head of Communication and Networking, Deputy Executive Director at Swissmedic, Switzerland... read more 

Ms. Cordula Landgraf

Cordula Landgraf  
Ms. Landgraf is Head of Networking at Swissmedic, Switzerland ... read more 


Dr. David Jefferys

David Jefferys
Dr. Jefferys is currently Global Senior Vice President in Eisai... read more

Mr. Thomas B. Cueni

Thomas B. Cueni  
Mr. Cueni is Director General of IFPMA since 1 February 2017... read more 


Mr. Michael Ward

Mike Ward  
Mr. Ward is the Coordinator of the Regulatory System Strengthening Team... read more 

Dr. Samvel Azatyan

Samvel Azatyan  
Dr. Azatyan is a clinical pharmacologist with a Ph.D. degree in clinical pharmacology and medicines regulation... read more