IFPMA (Standing Observer)

Dr. David Jefferys

David Jefferys 
Dr. Jefferys is currently Global Senior Vice President in Eisai... read more 

Ms. Sharon Olmstead

Sharon Olmstead 
Ms. Olmstead is the Head of Regulatory & Development Policy at Novartis... read more

WHO (Standing Observer)

Dr. Samvel Azatyan

Samvel Azatyan 
Dr. Azatyan is a clinical pharmacologist with a Ph.D. degree in clinical pharmacology and medicines regulation... read more 

ANMAT, Argentina

Dr. Carlos Chiale

Carlos Chiale 
Dr. Chiale is the National Administrator of the National Administration of Drugs, Food and Medical Devices... read more 


Dr. Joung-weon Oh

Joung-Weon Oh 
Dr. Joung-weon Oh has been serving as Director of the Drug Review Management Division... read more 


Dr. Rainer Fendt

Rainer Fendt 
Dr. Fendt has been a board member of APIC since 2009... read more 


Ms. Charunee Krisanaphan

Charunee Krisanaphan
Ms. Krisanaphan is Co-Chair of the ASEAN Pharmaceutical Product working group... read more

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Dr. Murray Lumpkin

Murray Lumpkin
Dr. Lumpkin is Deputy Director, Integrated Delivery, and Lead for Global Regulatory Systems Initiatives... read more

CDSCO, India

Dr. S. Eswara Reddy

S. Eswara Reddy
Dr. S. Eswara Reddy is working as Drugs Controller General... read more


Dr. Celeste Sánchez González

Celeste Sánchez González 
Dr. Sánchez is titular Investigator of the Cuban Academy of Sciences... read more 


Dr. Lembit Rägo

Lembit Rägo 
Dr. Rägo is the Secretary-General of the CIOMS since April 2016... read more 


To be confirmed

General Director of International Affairs

CPED, Israel

Dr. Ofra Axelrod

Ofra Axelrod 
Dr. Axelrod is the Director of the Institute for Standardization and Control of Pharmaceuticals... read more


Ms. Jane Mashingia

Jane Mashingia 
Ms. Mashingia is working with EAC Secretariat as Senior Health Officer heading the EAC Medicines... read more 


Dr. Susanne Keitel

Susanne Keitel 
Dr. Keitel is a pharmacist with a Ph.D. in pharmaceutics... read more 


Dr. Hajed M. Hashan

Hajed M. Hashan 
Dr. Hashan graduated with a bachelor degree in Pharmacy from King Saud University, Saudi Arabia in 1994... read more 

INVIMA, Colombia

Dr. Lucia Ayala Rodríguez

Lucia Ayala Rodríguez
Dr. Ayala Rodríguez is a Pharmaceutical Chemistry of National University of Colombia... read more 


Ms. Janeen Skutnik Wilkinson

Janeen Skutnik Wil 
Ms. Skutnik is the Senior Manager for cGXP Intelligence... read more 

JFDA, Jordan

Dr. Wesal Haqaish

Wesal Haqaish
Dr. Wesal is the Drug Directorate director at Jordan food and drug administration since July 2017... read more

MMDA, Moldova

Mr. Dumitru Saghin

Aida Malkhasyan 
Mr. Saghin is Deputy General Director of Medicines and Medical Devices Agency... read more 

National Center, Kazakhstan

To be confirmed


NPRA, Malaysia

Dr. Faridah Aryani Md Yusof

Faridah Aryani Md Yusof
Dr. Faridah is the Director of NPRA, more

NRA, Iran

Dr. Mahmoud Alebouyeh

Mahmoud Alebouyeh
Dr. Alebouyeh is currently working as ICH joint program focal point... read more


Dr. Analía Porrás

Analía Porrás 
Ms. Porrás received her Medical Degree (1989) from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina... read more 


Mr. David Churchward

David Churchward 
Mr. Churchward is a Pharmacist, having 13 years’ experience as a GMP/GDP inspector within an EU Authority... read more 

Roszdravnadzor, Russia

Dr. Sergey Glagolev

Sergey Glagolev
Dr. Glagolev was appointed in 2012 as deputy director of the Division... read more 


Ms. Fortunate Ntombi Bhembe

Fortunate Ntombi Bhembe 
Mrs. Bhembe is the Chief Pharmacist responsible for giving policy direction to the Pharmaceutical sector... read more 

SAHPRA, South Africa

Mrs. Portia Nkambule

Portia Nkambule
Mrs. Nkambule is currently appointed Acting Chief Executive Officer of the South African Health Products... read more

SCDMTE, Armenia

Ms. Aida Malkhasyan

Aida Malkhasyan 
Ms. Malkhasyan is the Head of General and External Affairs Department at the Drug Regulatory Authority... read more 

SFDA, Saudi Arabia

Dr. Adel Alharf

Adel Alharf
Dr. Alharf is Vice President of Drug Sector at the Saudi Food and Drug Authority... read more

TGA. Australia

Dr. Kaylene Raynes

Director - Prescription Medicines Authorisation Branch

TITCK, Turkey

Mrs. Hacer Coşkun Çetintaş

Hacer Coşkun Çetintaş 
Ms. Coşkun Çetintaş is the head of the Department of Marketing Authorization for Medicines... read more 


Dr. Kevin Moore

Kevin Moore 
Dr. Moore currenlty holds the position of Sr. Manager, Pharmacopeial Collaboration at the USP... read more