Current Members and Observers

As of June 2017, the ICH Association comprises the following Members and Observers:

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Founding Regulatory MembersStanding Observers
Legislative or Administrative Authorities
Founding Industry Members
Standing Regulatory Members
Regulatory Members
Regional Harmonisation Initiatives (RHIs)
Industry Members
International Pharmaceutical Industry Organisation
International Organisations with an Interest in Pharmaceuticals


 *This list provides the official names of the Members and Observers used by the ICH Association. Only these names shall be used in ICH when referring to these entities. In addition, national, and other flags, emblems, or anthems are not to be used in the ICH.


Apply for Membership and Observership

Any party eligible as a Member or an Observer in accordance with the ICH Articles of Association can apply for ICH Membership or Observership. Application forms for Regulatory and Industry Membership, as well as for Observership are available on the ICH website for download.

If you wish to apply for Membership or Observership in the ICH Association, you are invited to fill the appropriate application form and return it to the ICH Secretariat at All parts of the application form should be fully filled and any necessary documentation provided.

The ICH Management Committee will process all completed applications received and make a recommendation to the ICH Assembly which will be invited to take a decision on Membership / Observersip admission.

As per the ICH Articles of Association, the Assembly should take a decision on the membership admission as soon as possible in any of its subsequent meetings.

As per the Assembly Rules of Procedure (point 1.3.3.), it would be optimal for membership applications to be submitted sufficiently in advance and should preferably be submitted at least two months before the Assembly meeting. It is suggested that applications for observership are preferably also submitted in this timeframe. 

If you have any questions concerning the application process please do not hesitate to contact us.