The ICH Association is funded by annual membership fees, with the ICH Assembly responsible for approving the Association's annual budget and the amount of the fees, as well as other financial means to be raised for the next fiscal year.

Annual Membership Fees

Following the creation of the ICH Association in 2015, a transition period was agreed whereby the funding of ICH would be ensured by the Founding Regulatory Members, Founding Industry Members and Standing Regulatory Members until the ICH Assembly introduced membership fees for all Members. In November 2016, the Assembly took the decision to introduce fees for all Members from 2018.

In line with ICH’s Articles of Association, the amount of membership fees should be fair, proportionate and transparent, with Members in the same membership category to be treated equally. Although the rights of ICH’s different Members are similar, the Assembly has agreed to set fees for the category of new Regulatory Member and new Industry Member at an amount which ensures ICH is accessible.

The need to revise membership fees is assessed periodically in view of the budget situation and the number of ICH Members. The following are the fees adopted by the ICH Assembly for 2019, which remain unchanged to those adopted by the ICH Assembly in November 2016.  

2019 Membership Fee table, approved in November 2018

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For details about the ICH Donation Policy, please note that you can refer to the Annex 1 of the Rules of Procedure of the Assembly (i.e. Annex 1 - ICH Policy Regarding Additional Financial Contributions) which is available on the Articles & Procedures webpage.

Annual Budget

ICH Assembly approval of the annual budget is based on drafts prepared by the ICH Management Committee. The Management Committee is responsible for submitting to the Assembly recommendations on financial matters, as well as proposals for the membership fees and financial means to be raised. Multi-year budget planning serves to promote stability in membership fees and ensure the necessary funds to support ICH operations, which include the running of a permanent ICH Secretariat and the hosting of biannual meetings of ICH governing bodies and technical working groups.

2019 ICH Provisional Budget, approved in November 2018  

Funding of MedDRA Activities

It should be noted that activities related to MedDRA are self-financed through the collection of annual subscription fees from organisations that are subscribers of MedDRA, which are subject to the subscription fees. These activities include those of the ICH MedDRA Management Committee and the MedDRA Secretariat in relation to their support of MedDRA, as well as the overall cost of the Maintenance and Support Services Organisation (MSSO) which is contracted by ICH to support MedDRA.

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The MedDRA Management Committee is responsible for setting and approving the annual subscription fees, at a level that corresponds to the cost of all MedDRA activities anticipated through multi-year budget planning. The subscription fees are included in the annual budget for MedDRA which is approved by the ICH Assembly.

2019 MedDRA Provisional Budget, approved in November 2018.